Grmon not connecting

What are the first bytes after the 0x55 that the GRMON sends to a system. I have a ColdFire V1 with several peripherals connected using the GPL GRIP IP but can’t get my system to come up in GRMON.

I was able to capture this communication after seeing 0x55 sent initially. So, what is the response I should see from the system. Rx is what grmon is sending after the 0x55 bytes and Tx is what should be coming from the system. What should I be getting from the system as a sequence of bytes after it sends that string 0x80 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0xF0 to the system.

Did you get it figured out? I had connection issues on Win10, but eventually was able to connect with “grmon.exe -uart COM3 -baud 9600”

As for your question about the response though, I’m not sure.

Nope. Windows complains about finding COM11 which is the right device under Device Manager.

grmon-eval-3.2.13\windows\bin64>grmon.exe -uart COM11 -baud 9600

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ERROR! Failed to open COM11. Device not found!

it only works with the linux version under WSL Ubuntu 18.04.
For linux under WSL, I use this.

./grmon -uart /dev/ttyS11 -baud 9600


Writing the short COM# device name only works for single digit COM devices in Windows. For devices greater or equal to 10 you need to use the full device path, for example \.\com11

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I got it working with Linux WSL but will try that out. One thing is sometimes it takes multiple tries for the grmon to open. Sometimes, I get multiple msgs of UART timeouts. Eventually after 10 attempts it fails. Then hitting reset a few times, usually gets it connected. Is that because it failed to negotiate the communications or maybe something not resetting correctly in my design.