GRMON 3 software Installation problem

Hello All,

I got a SpaceWire router Evaluation board(GR718-BOARD), and I am pretty new to this kind of board. I am using the licensed software version grmon3 pro. I am trying to select the debug link for my board from the available options (from the attached debug link to the picture). I am doing my comman.exe in windows, and I followed all instructions according to the GRMON 3 user guide (attached photo).

When I use a command like -ftdi or -usb, I get the warning like share folder is missing, and it’s popping up lie uart initialization failure.

Can anybody share with me some video or document the exact procedure to slash the evaluation board or how to use it?

When I try to launch grmon-gui.exe from the command line on windows, something pops up in the background like gone, and GUI is not launching to work with the board.

Best Regards
Jagan Mohan Sunku