GRMON is unable to attach to Arty A7 using UART debug link


in my setup GRMON (eval-3.2.13) is not able to attach to Arty A7 (rev.E) using UART debug link while printing “UART initialization failure, retrying” message. The Noel grlib b14267 is in use. The switch SW[3] is ON.

Would somebody confirm that it actually works (not necessarily with the same GRMON, grlib versions)?


I have managed to get a LEON3 running on a Arty A7-35T rev. E board. Not sure if the below applies to a NOEL too.

I used this command to connect:

$ grmon -digilent -freq 83

The freq flag should not be necessary, but I’ve noticed that some things work better if you do specify it. I did not have any of the switches on.

Note that you need the ftdi drivers that Digilent ships with the Adept software. The open source libftdi does not work.