NOELV Arty-A7 not connecting to GRMON

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use the noelv core on an Arty A7 FPGA using the bitstreams given. I haven’t been able to connect using GRMON to any of the bitstreams, starting from the beginning of 2022 up to the last ones given. I receive the following message:

ERROR! GRMON Evaluation version does not support this hardware 

The documentation of GRMON clearly states that it is free to use with the December 2022 bitstreams, but I couldn’t make it work.

Hi Nicola

Which GRMON version are you using?

Best regards,

Hi Martin,

I’ve tried using v3.3.4, v3.3.3 and v3.3.2, but no luck with any of them

Are you using the example bitstreams from NOEL-ARTYA7 or from the bitstream package under GRLIB IP Library?

Best regards,

I’ve tried both of them, neither seem to work. I’m using an Arty-A7 100T.
I also tried synthesizing an example design and using that bitstream, but didn’t work.