NOEL-V on ZCU102

I’m working with a Vivado Zynq Ultrascale+ and I have successfully implemented the LEON3 in it.
Now I’m trying to do the same with NOEL-V GPP32 but as soon as I start GRMON (v3.2.13 64-bit eval version) I get the following error:

Then I can use GRMON, although the autocomplete function does not work, and almost all commands give “Unknown error”.
If I run info sys I get the following results which makes me think that the issue is with UART1, but I’m not sure if the output is valid.

After I quit GRMON, if I try to connect again I get the “UART initialization failure, retrying” which I can only solve by programming the FPGA again.

Do you know what could be the issue or how can I debug it further?

Thank you!