NOEL-V on ZCU102

I’m working with a Vivado Zynq Ultrascale+ and I have successfully implemented the LEON3 in it.
Now I’m trying to do the same with NOEL-V GPP32 but as soon as I start GRMON (v3.2.13 64-bit eval version) I get the following error:

Then I can use GRMON, although the autocomplete function does not work, and almost all commands give “Unknown error”.
If I run info sys I get the following results which makes me think that the issue is with UART1, but I’m not sure if the output is valid.

After I quit GRMON, if I try to connect again I get the “UART initialization failure, retrying” which I can only solve by programming the FPGA again.

Do you know what could be the issue or how can I debug it further?

Thank you!


Hi Marc,

Sorry for the late response.

Are you still experience this issue or have you manage to sole it?

From the printout you can see that GRMON manage to read out the system information but some time after that the system bus seems lock up. My guess would be that this happens when GRMON tries to access the memory (the MIG memory controller).


Hi Nils,

Sorry I did not see your reply earlier.

I did not manage to solve it but, as you mention, I’ve seen that the issue was with the MIG. I’ve decided to use BRAM instead of DRAM (which is what I was actually doing in my LEON3 design).
I will resume my work on this soon, if I manage to solve the issue I will post it in this thread.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,