Grmon3 software selecting debug link


I am facing a problem with Grmon 3 software(while selecting the debug link, it’s producing the warning share folder not found.)

The problem with selecting debug link is that when I try to execute $ grmon -uart -u command the output is uart initialization failure, retrying.

Gromon 3 doc states that …To connect to a target using the AHBUART debug link, the following example can be used: $ grmon -uart -u The -uart option uses the first UART of the host (ttyS0 or COM1) with a baud rate of 115200 baud by default, and I tried to execute this command.

I am using GR718-BOARD, and I am entirely new to this environment. Can anyone share some videos or post how to select the debug link option to start CLI… How to play with this evaluation board(how to debug using Grmon 3 software and my evaluation board)… when I try to launch GUI as per the grmon3 document GUI is not launching. If anyone has any examples, can you share them once?

I added a picture in the attachment of what’s happening when I execute the uart command on the windows command interface. attachment

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Jagan Mohan Sunku

Take a look at page 6 here.