GRMON and custom IP


I am trying to use some custom IP (an Interrupt controller) with my SOC (Coldfire CFv1) and I tried using a custom IP from the devices.vhd for my controller but when I did, the free GRMON doesn’t allow me to open it. Is this a feature or handicap of using the free GRMON :frowning:

The evaluation version only allows GRLIB GPL cores and vendor VENDOR_CONTRIB cores.

Try changing your vendor ID to VENDOR_CONTRIB.

So, if I make VENDOR_CONTRIB and CONTRIB_CORE1, 2 or 3 for the IP name?

Hi Salman,

Yes, your IP need to output VENDOR_CONTRIB in the “vendor” part of the PnP vector and CONTRIB_CORE#, where # is 1, 2 or 3, in the “device” part of the vector.

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I think that is giving some issues with GRMON. But I will double check I spelled everything correctly.