Launching the program with loading from AHBROM

I need to run the processor in a simulation with a program from AHBROM.
I tried using the ahbram_gen program from the elf file but no result: ram is empty.
Sorry for the stupid question, but how exactly should I load the program into NOEL-V?
I am using the riscv-gaisler-elf compiler.

Are you sure you want to load the program into ROM and not RAM?
In any case, if you are in a design directory, for example noelv-generic you can call the recipes make soft and make prom. Otherwise you can compile your program on your own using the toolchain and then pass the name of the srec file to your simulator, in most cases using the argument -gramfile="program.srec" or similarly for the rom -gromfile="program.srec"

Thanks for the answer! I want to use NOEL-V without modeling, so I want to generate a ROM