Noel v not simulating completely in vivado

Hi all :wave:

I’m currently trying to run the Noel V digilent arty a7 simulation in vivado but I cannot get it to run completely…
It is the base program so I’m expecting to see a bit more than that:

like a small NOEL V text as for Leon…

I tried to recompile it with the ncc gaisler toolchain by doing “make soft-clean” and “make soft”
But that didn’t work…

In the code I tried to uncomment apbuart_test(0xfc001000LL); and to add NOPs, recomile didn’t work either… the instructions seem to go wrong at PC=c8…

I disassembled the systest.elf with riscv-gaisler-elf-objdump --disassemble-all --disassemble-zeroes -m riscv systest.elf > systest.odump
There is a series of NOPs around c8 but not that much. Furthermore main is supposed to start at PC=350 but the waveform only shows zeros…

I also tried with grlib-gpl-2022.1 got the same behavior
I managed to run the leon3 example on the arty A7 without any problem
I’m using the vivado simulator from vivado 2021.2
I’m also using Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS and grlib 2022.4

If anyone has clue why it doesn’t work please let me know ^^
Also if anyone has a functionnal helloworld prom.srec and ram.srec, I’d be interested to test with.

Have a nice day,