NoelV simulation on Vivado fails because of segmentation error

Hi community! I’m having an issue simulating the Noel V processor on vivado tools. Starting from grlib i used the make file in order to configure and simulate the processor. The OS is Ubuntu 22.04.2 and vivado 2022.1. Once i configured the processor by make xconfig command o tried importing the project to vivado by “make vivado-launch” command. Then setting vivado-simulator as the default simulator i tried to run a behavioral simulation but what i obtain is the following error message: signal SIGSEGV received.
Does someone have an idea about what the solution can be?
I’m new in vivado environment so i also tried to use Modelsim. But, although in “vivado tools” I’m able to see it installed, i cannot find the vsim.exe file in any folder so vivado stopped the modelsim simulation since it cant find that file too.
I tried unsuccessfully to add some libraries as you can see in picture