GRLIB GPL 2024.1 re-released

The development team is pleased to announce the release of GRLIB GPL 2024.1-b4292, which is now available for download from:

Bitfile and netlist packages are available via:

The changelog is here:

and is also reproduced below.

This 2024.1 re-release addresses some issues encountered in the L2 cache lite, NOEL-V in single-issue configuration on certain tools and additionally fixes 2 corner cases in LEON5.

Updated example bitstreams for LEON5 and NOEL-V are available for download from:

If you find any any reproducible bugs or issues please don’t hesitate to post in the community.

----------------------- Release 2024.1-b4292 ---------------------------

2024-04-18 L2C_LITE:

  • Fixed backend io address to provide an AMBA AHB BAR that can be scanned for PnP information of the bus behind the L2C_LITE.
  • Fixed the index addressing bug introduced in the 2024.1-b4291 release.

2024-04-15 LEON5:

  • Fixed bus access corner case where HBUSREQ was deasserted too early if wbmask=0 was combined with busw>32.
  • Fixed bus access corner case where HTRANS(0) would remain asserted if bus grant was lost in the middle of a burst fetch of a cache line. The AHBCTRL would never have rearbitrated the bus in this instance since HBUSREQ remained asserted, but AMBA 2.0 compliant AHB arbiters are allowed to do this.

2024-04-15 NOEL-V updates

  • Fixed minor issue with instret CSR
  • Code rework to fix tool issues with single-issue configuration