Basys3 grmon says "NO cables"


This is first time, we are using grlib library. We have generated the bitfile using Vivado for “leon3-digilent-basys3”. We have used the default configuration provided grlib library. Once we load the bit file, we try to connect with “grmon”, we get the “NO CABLES” error.

workstation1:~/Downloads/grmon-eval-3.3.11/linux/bin64> ./grmon -digilent -u

GRMON debug monitor v3.3.11 64-bit eval version

Copyright (C) 2024 Frontgrade Gaisler - All rights reserved.

This eval version will expire on 15/11/2024

ERROR! No cables found!

Are we doing anything wrong here ? We have downloaded the evaluation version of grmon ( GRMON 3.3 Evaluation/Academic version) from

Thanks for any help or suggestions in theis regard.


You can refer to Chapter 4.3.7 of the GRMON manual to check if the Digilent Adept software is installed correctly.

Hi boppu,

Was this resolved? If not, did you make any modifications to the design? I also think this points to a Digilent drivers installation problem (as long as the cable is connected, that is :slight_smile: )

WEI, thanks for contributing to the community! :wink: