Linking basic code for leon

I have a custom board with a ProASIC FPGA. I’ve sucessfully implemented LEON into my design. This design used to have a Coldfire V1 core which had the same AHB bus and with only a few mods, I got LEON up and running, but my design has a simple memory controller I designed so I’m not using LEON’s.

So I need to build and link a bootloader that uses RAM in a specific location. I think I’ve gotten that to work, but the RAM size isn’t correct in the symbol output. I specify this on the mkprom2 commandline with -ramsize 8192, but the sym file says 4M instead of 8. I have some reserved memory (it’s MRAM) at the very top of RAM and I’d like to specify that the SP starts just below that. Any ideas why the RAM size isn’t working? I haven’t verified the stack pointer yet - is there any way to do that except on the target with GRMON?

OK, next: I need to build a loadable applicaton that runs only from RAM. I don’t think I can use mkprom any more. I need it to run from 0x40000000 and that seems to happen with the normal linker. But I still want the stack to be just below my reserved area. How can I do that? Again the memory sizes seem wrong in the sym output.

Any help is appreciated.

By the way, I’m using BCC (1). The manual says the stack is set to the top of RAM, but how does it know where that is. I don’t know how to specify the RAMsize for the non-mkprom build.