AHB 128-bit read error on MIG by GRMON

GRMON had data reading errors on MIG in 128-bit AHB configuration, but no error in 32/64-bit AHB configuration, and no error on AHBRAM in any width AHB configuration.

The test is shown in the following image, As you see it, the problem seems to be with GRMON.

I need your help, thanks in advance.

Are you using one of our template designs?
It would help if I know which board (and MIG implementation) you are using.
How can I reproduce this?


Hi Nils, Thanks for your help.

I built my own design for my board based on the ‘noelv-xilinx-vc707’ template.
The AHB interface for Xilinx Virtex-7 MIG is ‘lib/gaisler/ddr/ahb2mig_7series.vhd’.

I’ll also try to troubleshoot the problem with ahb2axi_mig_7series.

Best regards,

The ‘ahb2axi_mig_7series’ passed the test, and the problem seems to be returning to ‘ahb2mig_7series’.