Leon Linux without FPU

Hi there,
did someone tried and managed to build the Linux without FPU? I set up a Leon3 core on a VC707 but actually I’ve got no FPU since it is not included in the GPL IP package. Is there some workaround?
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Hi Eike, it’s not directly an answer to your question but I just wanted to mention that with the LEON5 we include a basic FPU (NanoFPU) also in the GPL version so you should be able to boot Linux on that…

Hi Eike,

I would also recommend going with LEON5 and NanoFPU if possible.

To run Linux without FPU you would need need a toolchain with a much older GLIBC (2.17 or older) than what we have in our currently supported Cobham Gaisler toolchains. Going with old no longer supported releases from us, it would mean going backwards to GLIBC 2.9 and GCC 4.4.2, together with versions like Linux 3.10 and Buildroot 2011.11. All very old versions of everything.

/Andreas Larsson - Cobham Gaisler

Thank you! I am using Leon5 with NanoFPU now and it works fine.