GRLIB GPL 2020.2 released

The development team is pleased to announce the release of GRLIB GPL 2020.2-b4254, which is now available for download from:

Bitfile and netlist packages are available via:

The changelog is here:

and is also reproduced below.

Some of the highlights are:

  • GPL release of LEON5, Cobham Gaisler’s next generation high-performance SPARC processors
  • GPL release of NOEL-V, Cobham Gaisler’s RISC-V RV64GC processor
  • Little endian support added to AHBM2AXI, AHB2AXIB and GRETH
  • General IP updates

If you find any any reproducible bugs or issues please don’t hesitate to post in the community.

----------------------- Release 2020.2-b4254 ---------------------------

2020-06-30 Added NOEL-V template designs for Digilent Arty A7 (noelv-digilent-arty-a7), Xilinx VC707 and KCU105 development kits (noelv-xilinx-vc707 and noelv-xilinx-kcu105).

2020-06-30 Added LEON5 template designs for Altera CycloneV E Development kit (leon5-altera-c5ekit), Xilinx VC707, KC705 and KCU105 development kits (leon5-xilinx-vc707, leon5-xilinx-kc705 and leon5-xilinx-kcu105).

2020-06-30 NOEL-V high-performance RISC-V RV64GC processor added to GLIB. See for further information.

2020-06-30 LEON5 next generation high-performance SPARC processor added to GRLIB. See for further information.

2020-06-24 GRETH: Little endian support added.

2020-06-23 AHBM2AXI/AHB2AXIB: Little endian support is added.

2020-06-17 GRETH: Fix undriven internal signal added with recent changes to prepare for little-endian AHB support. Bug was introduced in release 2020.1-b4251.

2020-06-10 Added note about endianness support to IP cores with AHB interface to GRLIB IP Core User’s Manual and added simulation warnings to IP cores that are not prepared for use in little-endian systems.

2020-05-08 TECHMAP: Added memory techmap for Kintex Ultrascale for non-FT syncrams.